SCL Group, LLC and KFS, Inc. Acquisition

In regards to the attached press release about SCL Group acquiring KFS, Sam and I have retained an interest in the new company and will continue to create synergies between the two “Sister Companies”.  Our new partner and majority shareholder in SCL Group is Bruce Galbraith.  Bruce is a successful businessman in the International Logistics space and someone I respect.  His previous company (Trans Trade) was once considered one of the top 10 “Best Place to Work in Texas” for three years in a row.

The new CEO of KFS is Mark Irwin.  He has extensive executive experience in the International Freight Forwarding business.  As head of US operations for Savino Del Bene, Mark helped build that company to revenues of over 300 Million employing over 350 logistic professionals.

Mark plans on meeting with our sales and operations team in the next few weeks to introduce himself and share his International expertise.   It is our intent that the collaboration between JBS and KFS will provide new opportunities and tremendous benefits for our customers.


Press Release KFS October 23 2013 (1)



Hours of Service Rules for OTR Drivers

The new Hours of Service regulation imposed by FMCSA that will become effective July 1st 2013 will have little effect on JBS and KFS drivers since most of our equipment is moving in regional lanes.  However there will be a larger impact with our brokerage division that deals with long-haul OTR carriers because of the reduced overall mileage capacity per truck.  Carriers that have trucks that travel irregular routes over 1000 miles will be most affected.

The new rule calls for two major changes in the driving habits of these OTR carriers. 

  • First, the mandatory 30 minute break in a consecutive 8 hour driving period is something most drivers are doing today.  The only inconvenience is that it must now be accounted for on their logs.  The break does not have to be a “resting” break, but rather time spent taking a meal or restroom break.  This “mental time break” seems reasonable.
  • The second and more controversial rule limits the 34-hour restart to once a week or once every eight days AND must include at least two periods between 1am and 5am.  This rule will reduce a long-haul driver’s average maximum hours of driving from 82 to 70 per week (a 15% reduction)!  Most of the larger TL carriers such as Knight, Covenant, and Swift expect anywhere from 1% – 5% impact on productivity. 

Of course all of this means less capacity and higher truck rates for the shipping public and eventually the consumer.

KFS Sprinter Van


KFS Sprinter Van

JBS affiliate, KFS, has a fleet of refrigerated Sprinter Vans that can deliver their customer’s next day temp controlled product. Here is one of our vans ready to be loaded from our new Greensboro North Carolina terminal.

KFS states, “We utilize a network of carriers and agents that allows us to handle shipments to any domestic location. Our specially trained customer service and operations staff monitors your most critical shipments from pickup to delivery.”

Employee Spotlight – Gail Jindrich, Controller

Gail Jindrich, Employee Spotlight

Before she graced us with her talent and friendly personality, Gail Jindrich worked in finance for small to medium sized trading operations. She also spent time in a large corporate environment at Navistar, but decided to switch over to smaller, private work. Gail became a part of the JBS family this fall, and we couldn’t be happier! She tells us, “[JBS] is a company built on tradition and trust, and I will continue to hold those values high as I work to familiarize myself with the many facets of my new position and help make JBS the best it can be”.

Gail has a commitment to help JBS grow by tuning up our established processes and procedures. We pride ourselves on loyalty and customer service, and Gail’s qualities fit right up there! Gail stated, “I am amazed by the strong work ethic and dedication I see here every day. It makes coming into work a pleasure”.

JBS New Core Carrier for Frito Lay

JBS extended a 12 year relationship with Frito Lay by becoming a core carrier for the largest snack-making company. Since 1991, JBS Warehouse has been the central consolidation facility for Frito Lay’s packing and seasonal material. Although JBS Transportation has been involved with moving Frito Lay product through their 3PLs, as of September 22, 2002, JBS was awarded with transportation business directly from Frito Lay’s Logistics Communication Center (LCC).

JBS President Alec Gizzi will act as the primary representative between the two companies.  Steve Krisch and his operational team will work closely with Frito’s LCC Department to assure 100% on-time delivery.

JBS Named Chicago-area Up-and-coming Player

We feel honored to be mentioned in this Sun Times article as one of Chicagoland’s up-and-coming players. The article highlights how Chicago is the national transportation hub, and how local third-party logistics companies work to give clients the lowest price at the quickest route. To read the full article, just click here!