Press Release

Koch Logistics, an operating division of Stan Koch and Sons Trucking, Inc. is excited to announce that it has purchased JBS Logistics and its affiliated companies as of December 1, 2016.

Founded in 1978 and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Koch and its operating companies and divisions provide a variety of transportation services including over the road long-haul trucking, local cartage services, dedicated fleet services, tractor and trailer leasing services and warehousing. Koch Logistics provides full service third-party logistics services including truckload, partial truckload, LTL, expedited, small package and international NVO services.

JBS Logistics and its affiliated companies are based in Naperville, IL and have been in business for over 30 years. JBS is a full service logistics provider with services that include warehouse storage and fulfillment, local cartage, as well as nationwide truckload and partial truckload delivery.

The new entity “JBS Logistics and Warehousing, Inc.” will be managed by one of the previous owners and President of JBS, Alec Gizzi. Mr. Gizzi commented “Sam DiMaio, the other previous shareholder of JBS, and I determined that JBS had reached a point that necessitated partnering with a larger entity to ensure our growth for the next 30 years. Koch’s culture and core values are the same as ours and we felt they were an excellent choice to partner with. I am excited for the growth opportunities that exist for JBS Logistics and Warehousing, Inc. and our dedicated employees”

Jeff Faust of Koch Logistics commented “Alec and Sam have built a very successful operation that we believe is an excellent addition to the portfolio of companies which Koch operates. We are very excited to have them join us and look forward to the continued success and growth of the new JBS Logistics and Warehousing, Inc.”.

Any questions related to above should be directed to Alec Gizzi, Executive Vice President of JBS Logistics and Warehousing Inc. at 630-672-7540 or Jeff Faust, Vice President and General Manager of Koch Logistics at 651-999-8512.


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