Exactly 30 1/2 years ago today on June 1, 1986, Sam & I first opened the doors of JBS (then called JBS Warehousing and Distribution).  We were excited but scared. We immediately found ourselves in debt (each of us with a $10,000 home equity loan) to fund the first few months.  Maybe we were too young (some would say stupid) to realize the path of hard work and sleepless nights we had in front of us, but for the next 366 months we made it work.  It included pouring profits back and increasing our debt so the company could hire great people, purchase new trucks/trailers, invest in IT systems, and buy warehouse equipment which were all required to ensure growth.  I can honestly say we made it work.  We have built successful relationships with great customers and good vendors based on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and good old-fashion hard work.

This morning we (JBS) turn the page onto a new chapter.  With it comes the same feelings of excitement I had back in June of ’86 when Sam & I started the new business, but this time I am not so scared.  It is because this time I have many people who will be helping from the beginning and we already have a solid foundation of customers and vendors. And although no one will ever replace Sam who is the best partner anyone could ever hope for, JBS will be able to combine our opportunities with the resources of our new partner Koch Logistics.  A Koch/JBS partnership will provide the solutions required to compete in today’s rapidly changing transportation industry.  Together we will be able to grow our warehouse operations as more and more companies look to outsource their supply-chain distribution.  Together we will continue to grow as a team.

December 1, 2016:  Excited – yes.  Scared – not so much this time.

Alec A. Gizzi, CTB


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