TCA – What took you so long?

I applaud TCA for their reversal on the controversial truck/weight legislative issue.  ATA has been the “big brother” in the trucking industry for many smaller associations including TCA.  ATA’s voice and resources in Washington certainly help when the issue is mutual for all e.g. safety and infrastructure.  However in this case, expanding the length of LTL Pup trailers from 28′ – 33′ would encroach too close to the TL market and TCA members. By no longer supporting this legislation, TCA’s new President John Lyboldt is standing up to ATA and supporting his members.  Let’s face it, this part of the legislation really serves no purpose other than helping ATA’s large LTL carriers like UPS and Fed Ex AND is counter to the overall safety on American highways.  ATA and TCA should work together when the benefits are mutual but in this case, not so much.

Alec A. Gizzi, President JBS Inc.

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Excellence Award for JBS Logistics

Naperville, IL – JBS Logistics has just been rewarded the 2015 Award For Excellence In Warehousing And Distribution by All American Poly.

JBS Logistics has been a warehouse and distribution center for All American Poly since 2012. All American Poly (AAP) is a manufacturer of polyethylene packaging products with over 300 employees and 3 manufacturing facilities in the US. With their headquarters in New Jersey, they are one of the fastest growing companies in the polyethylene industry. Since AAP’s core strengt his in manufacturing and selling of their products, they choose to outsource most of their warehouse operations in the US by using companies like JBS for their expertise and market location. The award recognizes JBS’ contribution as being one of AAP’s best warehouse partner in regards to volume and accuracy of product moved.

The award was presented by AAP’s Steve Berkowitz (far right) and Isaac Ravitz (far left) and was received by JBS team members Phil Spencer, Deb Novak and Tom Keller.